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SprintMVP 400-600 are large capacity, fully automatic, 3-axis dimensional measuring systems featuring high precision and capacity in a compact footprint. Featuring a motorized zoom lens with high resolution digital color camera, optional 300 mm Z-axis for extended measuring volume (available on SprintMVP model), and a rigid granite base for optimal measurement accuracy and repeatability, the SprintMVP, powered by Measure-X® Metrology Software, accurately measures fine features while automatically combining autofocus, edge detection, programmable lighting, laser scanning, and touch probing. Stage travels to 18" x 18" (400 model), 24" x 18" (600 model)


SprintMVP 624 is a large capacity, fully automatic, 3-axis dimensional measuring system. This system features a high precision moving bridge and optics, for measurement of larger, heavier parts. The SprintMVP 624 is fully automatic with 3 axis joystick control, motorized zoom lens system, with 35x to 175x magnification, LED backlight, top light and high intensity ring light, with 0.5 micron scales on XY&Z standard.

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